Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Birthday Birds

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Remember that First Birthday?  I do, for both my kids.  It seems so special, such a milestone, so very long ago.  When I was asked to help celebrate Arden's First Birthday, I said YES!  Her mom waited a very long time for a baby, and she is a special little girl.  Her mom wanted SugarBelles blue birds.  So, knowing exactly the cookies she spoke of, I emailed SugarBelle and asked her if I could pretty please copy her cookies.  Like the majority of cookiers, she said yes.  She is a great artist, and her blog is full of inspiration, clever ideas, tips and tricks, and she truly loves to share and help us all along to become better at our craft!  Thanks SugarBelle....and Happy Birthday Arden!  Here's to many more!

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