Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Political Cookies

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As one gal said. "Sugar cookies transcend political lines." 

I hate politics.  Really.  I know what I want in a candidate, but I am not likely to argue any points with you.  If we're Facebook friends and you post about anything political, chances are you are hidden.  Not unfriended, but out of sight.  So if you're wondering why I didn't say congrats on your new baby, marriage or trip around the globe, it's because I don't read your feeds.

So last week one of my oldest friends, (20 years) invited us to a "meet the candidate" at her house.  I wouldn't pass up a soiree at her house for anything, and I used it as a reason to mix up a little red, white and blue royal icing.  The candidate is running for Alderman.  I really am not even clear what an Alderman does, but we live in a nice little burg, and Democrat or Republican, at this level, they are all working for the same thing.  He was a really nice guy.  He is obviously an amazing decision maker, as his wife ia a fellow Iowan, and he loved his cookies.  It was a fun gathering, and I felt rather civic when all was said and done.  So, get out there and vote!

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