Monday, November 4, 2019

Birthday Celebration Cookies!

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So little blogging time...but so many cookies!  Today let's cover some birthday celebrations.  They were all milestone birthdays, so I like that I can add a cookie with significant number on it.  Also I love the flower cookies.  It adds dimension to a platter and makes it even more special. I usually add  the candle cookie on a platter for a group, as it makes a little smaller cookie, and sometimes we forget that not everyone wants a giant cookie! 

First, my MIL turned 90!  Wow! What an amazing milestone.  I made a platter of cookies and she took them to her celebration of all the October birthdays at the home she lives in.  She wasn't quick enough to get a cookie though.  Geesh.  I would have slipped one out before I decided to share!

90 Years Young!

Next up, a 50th birthday party!  They were going to a wine dinner, so I played on the theme. The corks are some of my all time favorite cookies!  I have a vision of a platter of corks...I just think they are so dang fun.  And of course, I collect them...I will have to post some of my cork creations!

One of my golfing friends has a group of gals that get together every year and do one big birthday celebration.  This year they all turned 75!  What a fun birthday to celebrate with a bunch of gal pals.  It was the heart of the summer so I kept the colors light and bright!

I'm always so honored to be a part of a celebration, especially a milestone birthday like these.  What a fun addition to a birthday for those who don't like cake.  Wait, are there actually people who don't like birthday cake?  I'm pretty sure we aren't friends.  What are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!!!  And Happy Birthday.

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