Monday, November 25, 2019

Water Color Christmas Cookies

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Looks like a famous Italian plate, yes? They agreed!

Regards! Merry Christmas!  Or something like that.  We always say Auguri!
 You know that old wisdom about how you'll never see anyone you know at Target unless you go without a shower?  I swear...I have the best interactions with friends and customers straight out of Pure Barre.  That means leggings, t-shirt, fleece, likely a baseball cap, (no makeup) not the most professional appearance!  So there I was a high end gift shop I love, buying a gift, and I chose this little collectible that was a gingerbread girl, and told the gal at the register, "Since I'm the cookie girl she will always know I gave this to her!" She responded with "Cookies??"  and off we went!

So fun to paint these!

The store was hosting a signing by an artist with Vietri, a gorgeous Italian dish ware company.  She wondered if I could do Italian cookies.  Me?  So we chatted and decided I would make her some amazing biscotti, very traditional, and some sugar cookies.  I showed her the cookies I made for Guess and Company,  and she loved the big platter full of Christmas.  She took me to the Vietri display and we looked at the Santas and the trees and she asked if I could do any of those.  I was a little apprehensive copying their work, but she said they will love it.  So I went home and went to work!

I had never watercolored on a cookie before, and it was a very satisfying experience.  I loved it, and I wasn't really bad at it! Who knew??? I loved looking at all of their pieces and deciding how to put this all together.  I also shopped while I worked, and when I delivered the platter, I had a good order of Vietri for me and my girls. Ho, Ho, Ho!!!    I also watched the artist, loved listening to him speak Italian and when I met him he complimented me on the cookies and said I was a true artist!!!  That is high praise!  I went home with an amazing sense of accomplishment. 

How fortuitous the Italian flag is Christmas colors!

The lesson here is that art, whether it is royal icing or acrylics, must evolve.  Certainly I am much better than my first attempt at faces... want a good chuckle?  Check out these volleyball players!  I was very apprehensive attempting these Santas and surprised myself.  It was a confidence booster and it really is what I needed to give me that push to branch out a little.  Who knows what next year will bring, new cookie ideas, new creative outlets, more dishes?   We shall see....So what are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake...and paint!!

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