Monday, November 11, 2019

It's Always Wedding Season!

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Weddings, showers, engagements...these are the current cycle in my group of 50 something year old friends.  Cookies are very cyclical.  A few years ago my busiest month was May because of the graduations...I did so many cookies, more than Christmas.  Well, those kiddos are grown up and getting married.  Even some baby cookies in the fray these days. So here are a few of the latest in the wedding theme.  Interestingly enough, 2 of the following are for friends my age getting married again!  How wonderful that love knows no limits!

 I did these shower/bridesmaid cookies for a friend getting remarried.  All of her girlfriends showed up in old bridesmaid dresses.  What a hoot!  I decided the pink was perfect for a bunch a gals toasting the bride! I love the little marbleized hexi cookies as a filler.  Great size and sparkle too.

Here comes the bride!

Autumn brides have such a deep palette of colors to choose for the season, and these cookies were some of my favorites.  I love that plum and the deep blush together.  I think it is stunning against the white. 

These were for a shower/dinner and she wanted another little dessert for the party.  I think the gold dress them up nicely and again there is that hexi cookie!

One of my golfing friends is getting remarried in Hawaii.  She wanted tropical cookies for the party, but she wanted favors as well.  I made this Hawaii cookie after I saw a gorgeous on made by Fancy Custom Cookies on Instagram.  I decided this was the perfect centerpiece cookie.  I late found out that someone ate it at the party!  Yikes!  Not the bride or groom mind you....people, people, not eat a cookie with someone else's name on it without permission.  Geesh. 

And these Hawaiian shirts were the party favors.  How fun to send everyone out of the party with a reminder that you are heading to Hawaii to get hitched and everyone else gets to see it on Insta!  LOL, I saw her after the trip and it was as lovely as you imagine. 

Something for breakfast tomorrow!
So that's all for now.  I am in full blown Christmas mode....So there'll be cookies....   So. Many. Cookies.  Stay tuned.

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