Saturday, January 1, 2011


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So it's over. Funny how the holidays are the main focus for so many weeks. We worry about the right tree, the right gift, serving the right food. And for me, the stroke of midnight comes along and the new years rings in and I am ready to purge the old. Clean the house, the fridge, the garage. After torrential rains on New Years Eve, I notice today on New Years Day that the daffodils have poked their little heads out of the ground. A sign that even outside the corner has been turned. Yes, I know, we are in the heart of winter. I am hoping for a snow day, some chilly temps, and I know it will still be dark when I get up. But I also know that it won't be long before the air is back on and I am digging in the dirt. Oh, wait, we had the air on last night. Windows open...crazy weather.

My New Years Resolution is not in numbers. I always worry about diet and exercise, so no sense in getting all freaked out about it today. It just gets on my nerves how crowded the health club gets for a few weeks. I need to get some serious things done. Cabinets, closets, attic.....purge and downsize. It is insane how much crap we own. I hate that word, but it is so appropriate for my attic. WHY do I save this stuff. It is going to be an overwhelming project, but when it is done, the feeling of everything being in a plastic bin, no boxes, all labeled, stacked neatly. I get so excited just thinking about it!

I will also hit the kitchen with new recipes, new techniques, new foods. I have a sense of optimism, at least for now. So don't let your resolution get you down, there are 365 days in a year, make them count in some small way. Happy 2011. I will be back writing next week. I mean who can cook and bake when there are still lights twinkling about!

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  1. just dropped by to check on your blog--HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY SNOW DAYS!