Thursday, January 20, 2011

Handmade is Best!

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Yes, we all know I LOVE to bake for people. It is a creative, cathartic process. And I enjoy the whole concept of gifting. Sometimes a little sugar brings pure joy to someone, I like that I can be responsible for that. So of course I gave away plenty of sweets this past holiday, but I had a few gifts looming in the sewing room. And finally, I have finished! Since I am a pretty talented sewer I decided to put this here as well as the Hipline blog.

First up is the Chicken Apron. My frind Mel gets an apron a year from me. I am always looking for an idea to embellish a great canvas apron (wonder where I buy those?) I have monogrammed, embellished, left blank and even embroidered some clever saying. She loves an apron and especially likes the full ones that go over the head. I am a butcher apron girl, but more on that later. I gave her an appliqued apron like the ones that follow, for her birthday in October. But when I was at her house gifting her, she showed me the apron a family friend made for her when she graduated from high 1975. You do the math. The photo follows. It is green ticking with a calico chicken whip stitched on the front. It is stained and well worn, and obviously her favorite. So I asked to borrow it. Yes, I know it is January and I have held her favorite apron for almost 3 months, but I think she may feel it was worth it. How cute is this? I found green ticking with no problem. Then I spent hours (honest) trying to find coordinating calico-type fabric for the chicken. I think I got some updated colors, instead of whip stitching I appliqued, and well, the result is pretty darn cute. She's off playing in Vegas this week, but she will be gifted this weekend. My other apron gifts were for friends and family. I admit I get into a groove and stick with it. The groove now is applique. Big loopy letters in great fabric, way more fun than a boring old monogram. Take a peek.

Back in the fall I did an article for Family Corner appliquéing beach towels, I just can't stop! I have been hitting the clearance shelves with the fleece throws in lots of colors to applique for the hundreds (okay maybe just 30) graduation gifts.

Finally, I just couldn't resist an apron for me. But my needs are quite different. I wear the classic apron at work, so I am not interested in wearing it at home. I love a long apron with long straps and a straight cut. A butcher's apron if you will. I can whip one up pretty quick in a fun cotton for whatever mood or holiday stirs me. They don't really hang well, so you'll have to trust me on the finished product. Better yet, come on over when the ovens are fired up, I am certain to have one on. So, get in there and bake!

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