Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Every Cookie Tells a Story

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When I get a cookie order, I generally bake a few extra in case I have a failure, yes, it does happen. Sometimes though, things work out beautifully and someone who ordered a dozen may end up with a Baker's dozen. I did an order this week in an African theme for a dinner a friend was having with friends who all went on a mission trip to Kenya. The zebra stripe cookies were a bit of a challenge, and many thanks to SweetSugarBelle who posted a tutorial that was an enormous help! Of course when you peruse her site, my stuff looks a little remedial. But I am working on it! One of my Africa cookies was flooded with icing that was a little thick, and it was not a nice companion to the others, so I put it aside and sent it in Christina's lunch. She, being the friend she is gave it to one of her friends that is apparently obsessed with my cookies. She wanted to know why Africa? And what country was the heart? Christina explained, and her friend's response was "Every Cookie Tells a Story". She is so right.

Harry Potter Movie Premier
United States Air Force Academy Squadron XXV
Senior Night for high school volleyball
TV Pilots that didn't make it
Lots and lots of birthdays!
A Cross Country Team
Even a lingerie shower!And of course there are dozens of holidays, thank you cookies for friends, showers, sporting events and beach themes.

No event is too small for a sugar cookies. I can see the evolution of the cookies and am excited for whats to come. The many stories to bake for...


  1. I think these were for our Kenyan Mission trip from Gtown UMC. Amy Fink? Just talked to another friend who went on the trip, Valerie Foster, and she said she just called you for another order! What a small, small world!
    Love the heart on the continent cookie!
    *mary anne

  2. Great cookies, brings back some old tv pilot memories :)

  3. Hi- I've just found your blog and I love it!
    Your cookies look fantastic, I wish you were in Sydney for selfish reasons.
    Just wanted to say hi and I'll enjoy popping back to see what your up to.