Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bridal Shower Cookies

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I did these cookies for my sister and her daughter for a bridal shower they were throwing. They loved the lingerie cookies I did a few years back, they are here. But those were for a chilly fall day. It is summer, and I really wanted to lighten up the colors.
I mean, it isn't like we are wearing black lace undies under our white jeans right? So Patti thought the colors were along the line of the Minnesota Vikings. So I softened that idea a little with lavender and pale yellow. So pretty, I wouldn't mind a few of these in my drawer! My apologies for the photos, just as I was getting the hang of a light box, I blew a bulb. Seriously? I really just want to write. I need a resident photographer... Happy Baking!


  1. I love them! How clever to use the heart shape like that.

    How many cookies do you think you bake in a week?

  2. I actually don't bake as many as you think...sometimes just a few of a design. But I am in the habit of making a large batch of dough and baking it all up and freezing the unadorned cookies. I almost always have cookies for the last minute to decorate!