Monday, June 6, 2011

Cars 2 Cookies

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So we know I have a little cookie cutter problem. I just organized them, and counted them (BIG mistake). I will not reveal how bad this little problem is, but I am really thinking about how to store them more efficiently. So when the new Cars 2 cookie cutters came into William Sonoma this week, I had to make them. Remember, no one pays me to endorse or try or whatever. I am a meager, hourly employee.... I made the Star Wars cookies a few years back, you can see them here. I did not see all the Star Wars and was Googling to figure out what a Boba Fet was. They later came out with the transportation cookie cutters, and whoa, they were intricate, I took a pass.

Like many of the cookie cutters sold here over the years, these are what you classify as a plunger cutter. They imprint the dough with the design. As you can see here, they bake up great. I use dough bands to keep the dough even, and chill the cookie dough well before rolling. Now of course as soon as you put the icing on the cookie, you pretty much lose your blueprint to the intricate design, and they really become free hand designs. These cookies are a little small for as much detail as they cram on it, and if you are doing this as a project with kids, I would not go all out on the decorating, because these need to be done is steps and can take hours. Trust me. I bake thousands of sugar cookies, most with a lot less detail than these, and I found them to be rather time consuming. But how cute are they?
Lightning McQueen Francesco Finn McMissle and of course MaterThey turned out adorable, even the grown up kids in my house were impressed. I guess maybe I should see the movies!


  1. Looks great. Thanks for the motivation. I will be making these cookies this weekend. I also have the CARS 2 cake pan from WS. Have you tried that? Thought I would start with the cookies before the cakes. Oh what grammy will try for those special grandkids!!!!

  2. Grammy, my advice for any of those cool cake pans is that you start with a pound cake or bundt cake recipe. Boxed mixes are too soft to hold the details. But they are adorable, I was really hoping the groovy VW bus would have been included in the cutters! Happy Baking! Sounds like you have a devoted fan base of grandchildren!

  3. WOW! you did a fantastic job on those cookies, I've always wondered how you stop the flooding running into each colour....and now I know. I guessed right- it takes lots of time and patience!
    I got the Star Wars pancake moulds shipped to me as the cookies looked to hard for the boys and I

  4. I just had to shut your site down because I heard one of my kids coming into the room and if they saw these adorable cookies, I would hear requests for them ALL DAY. I am a decent baker, but there is no way I could decorate any cookie this well!

  5. Susie, your cookies are daughter bought the cutters and asked me if I could make them for my grandson's 3rd birthday....phew, what a job..each cookie takes about 2-1/2 hrs to''re right, too much detail for such a small cookie...i do one at a time...there is a diagram in WS site, showing the details and what colors to use and how to make the icings and the tips you need...nine steps for each cookie...this way you don't lose out on the detail...hope the kids will like them even though my hand was a bit shaky on the detail, lol...thanks