Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharing Your Birthday

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Yes, I share my birthday. Eighteen years ago (on July 3), I went and saw my OB on a Friday morning. I had been on bed rest, swelling to kingdom come in the Atlanta heat and I was sure he would say," let's get this baby out." But he apparently had to get to the lake to enjoy his 4th of July, and he sent me home. I was allowed one outing to see the fireworks, and I had a scheduled C-Section on Monday. "But that's my birthday!" I protested. He was pretty sure I would go into labor over the weekend, so no big deal. Of course, that was not to be. We headed to the hospital bright and early on July 6. I spent the day with a pitossin drip and my very overdue baby was born. Christina looked like she was 2 months old. And I was given the most special birthday gift a mom could ever have.

So sharing a birthday over the years has been interesting. When she was young, I could throw her party on whatever day was most convenient, close to the real day. On the actual birthday, we would decide where to go eat and I would make a joint cake. Growing up, my sister and dad had birthdays next to each other so my mom always made 2 heart cakes and they said Happy Dad on one, and Birthday Lori on the other. For a number of years, Christina and I had the same tradition. The cakes were usually made last minute, "gotta get that picture!".

Because the birthday is so close to the 4th, you never know where we'll be. Or where the friends will be. You can't always get all those friends together that close to a holiday. We have spent a few on the road as well. The header picture is one of my favorites. That is our birthday in 2002. We are having breakfast in an old time family diner in Albany, NY on our way to Cooperstown for a baseball tournament. Needless to say we had a store bought cake that year!

But both of my kids want a commercially decorated cake with colored frosting and some cool design. So it has been a balancing act for 18 years. Scott likes to be in control of the cakes, so that means he calls the cake lady. One year our cake looked like a hamburger...hilarious. Admittedly, we often have a couple of cakes. Sometimes I am not baking and the store bought deal is the only cake. Other years, I whip up those hearts at the last minute so I don't have to eat that store bought cake. I don't mind baking a cake. I am not a fan of decorating cakes. Crazy right? Lay out a few hundred sugar cookies, and hours later I am still decorating. Give me a cake, and I will slop on the icing and quick write if I have to. Just not my thing.

Last year Christina was away, so I got my very favorite (I made it of course). This year, it is 2 cakes. Hers and Mine. Devil's Food and Angel Food. I'm okay with that, the fact I make both. It is a banner summer, probably the last where both kids are home all summer, I am enjoying the many parties, the abundance of teenagers in the pool, the wet towels all over, the half empty cups left upstairs. In a short month, it is going to be very quiet here. So bring on the cake, the candles, the friends. Happy Birthday to us! Stay tuned for the cakes and Happy Baking!


  1. FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO!!!! Tudo de bom, neste dia e todos os outros, parabéns

    (eu também adoro o google)

  2. Happy Birthday to 2 wonderful ladies.