Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby!

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The birthday boy and the catch of his life!  Hahaha!

So today is Mr. Preppy's birthday.  Of course there'll be cake and his favorite dinner, which I will blog about later.  But ever since his 50th birthday, I just have to repost the photos of that day.  There were no parties or get togethers, Mother Nature had way different plans!  It was the most gorgeous snowstorm I remember.  A fantastic snow day!  We had the same meal that night that we'll have tonight, I always make a different cake (cuz I can..) and we just enjoyed the magical snow.  We celebrated with friends later, but there is something so amazing about a snow like this in the South.  It's rare, and it's a treat! So pardon me for reminiscing.  I know there is a Nor'easter booming in New England, and I am just saying I would love a day of it again!   So happy birthday sweetie!  This year, we'll play golf!

I wouldn't drive to the grocery!

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