Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Friends and Sorority Girls

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An interesting thing happens when the nest empties out.  The grocery bill drops, the wine bill rises, the utilities drop, tuition rises, and your friends slowly change.  Throughout the years, all of our friendships revolved around school and sports.  I have spent many cold evenings on the baseball field and long days in the gym with some wonderful friends.  Late night parties in hotels all over the country, memories I wouldn't give back for anything.  But when the kids fly the coop, you start to lose touch.  Not on purpose, but it happened with many of those people I love.  Sometimes I feel sorry about that, but things change.  It's no different than making new friends in high school or new friends in college.  Preschool friends and high school friends are likely different.

Recently, this empty nester made a new friend.  It turns out she is friends with one of my volleyball parents that I loved like a sister and haven't seen in a long time.  And, friends with a neighbor that I see at Bunco every month, but not too much beyond that.  Although I knew upon meeting her that we would be well matched friends.  She has a really great bar and knows how to use it.  That is a plus, really, I work at a kitchen store, I love this stuff.  So my new friend and I have covered every topic from girls drama (our girls are not dramatic, thank the lord), sewing and crafting, the Bachelor (yea, don't judge), and criminals.  The criminal may appear in another blog.  I also made her some cookies for her daughter in college, a KD.  I love making cookies like these.  I can hear the giggles and girl talk, the late night pizza deliveries and the study sessions.  I remember those friendships, and I remember moving on in the next phase of life.  This is the beauty of Social Networking.  I have reconnected with many of those old friends, and I love that my kids too are making friends for a lifetime.  So here's to empty nests, sorority girls, college and lifelong friendships.  And the Bachelor.  I have new friends to watch it with!  And no one is happier about that than me, except maybe Mr. Preppy!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get in there and bake!

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