Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cookies for a Good Deed

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So I have had an interesting couple of weeks.  I had my wallet stolen and the thief went on quite a shopping spree. ($5,000 in under an hour.  Pretty impressive.)  I was pretty upset, especially considering that it had happened to girl in a store 2 doors down from where I work.  I don't know her circumstances, but I left my purse out of my locker.  It was covered up, but this woman went right back into our stock room and found it.  If I had known she had hit a store a few days before I may have been a little more careful.  So after the dust settled that day, I decided to go to every store in our shopping center and let them know what happened.  I didn't want anyone to think it couldn't happen to them.  When I got to the Vera Bradley store, the manager was so sorry that this had happened to me that she told me to pick out a new wallet.  Anything I wanted.  I was so shocked at the thought.  Such kindness.  I admit I was still a little wonky from all the events of the day, but I chose a new one.  I knew I would have to think of a good way to say thank you, so shocker, I made cookies.  I tried to make them in the colors of the pattern of the wallet, but there was a lot of navy, and I hate dark icing (stains your teeth!).  She loved them.  I wrote an heartfelt letter to her company because we all know that good deeds often go unnoticed, but piss off a customer and the letters will pour in.  She countered the evil deed for sure!

So my other cookie baking last week was for a 1st birthday.  This is obviously a big deal, turning one.  So when I got the invite, I decided that I would try my hand at chevrons.  I don't think I want want to make dozens of these, they are a bit tedious, but how cute!  The invite that inspired me is below.  This week, the volleyball coach is being honored at a baby shower.  So here we go...What are you waiting for?  Get in there!

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