Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Must Be Wedding Season!

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There are certain things I really hate to do. Making beds is one. I don't know why I detest this job so much, but I would really rather just close the door. However....I do make it. At least on days that I am the last one out, that is sort of the rule around here. Last one out has to make the bed, seems fair, right?

For Christina's graduation party, we were working on the menu for a few days, adding and taking away items, and my friend Rosalie was having a party the day after ours. We compared notes, and she offered to make deviled eggs for me. Hmmm, there's another job I really hate. I'll make egg salad every day, but deviled eggs, no way. She made me dozens of the little buggers with a tiny slice of a home made pickle on top. I just love Southerners. So of course, I had to think of a little reciprocation.

Back in April when I was making the cookies for the Something Borrowed premiers, Rosalie came over and saw the cookies and loved them. And why not, they were pretty cool! She said she had a friend recently engaged and was hoping I would have a few extras. As things go, I make a few extras, but since I was driving hundreds of miles to drop off the cookies, I hated to not have a few extras along, and I left her empty handed. So this week she is throwing a shower for the happy couple and I am naturally, making cookies. Engagement rings and little cakes with some heart accents. Just for her!

And as fate would have it, I got a phone call from a woman who was at Rosalie's party. She was getting together with her kids for the holiday and they all have July anniversaries. She was hoping I could whip up a dozen cookies in 2 days. Normally it wouldn't happen, but when the cookies are spread out and there is dough in the fridge, why not! So here are her wedding cakes, which I really love to decorate! Happy Baking!


  1. hÁ UMa expressão aqui "comer com os olhos", são muito bonitos

  2. Obrigado! Eles sabor delicioso também!

  3. I love Google translate....although Nic had a year of Portuguese and I knew Obrigado!