Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy 50th!

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Don't you love a birthday party? This weekend one of my cousins turns 50 and is having a bash right around the corner in San Diego. It is also college volleyball kick off so, I am heading to the courts. I am sorry I won't be there because these are the cousins I spent my summers with at Lake Delavan. Paul is the oldest in his family and was always the serious one. He made mazes and read lots of books, I guess that it is no surprise he is a doctor today. His sisters Mitzi and PJ were my buddies and we ran around together for weeks. The younger boys were Pete and Phil, and if we were desperate for money to go buy cinnamon toothpicks, sweet tarts or Pixie sticks, we would hide Pete's security blanket. It was worth a quarter or so in reward money. I'm sure my Aunt Tootsie was aware of our operation, and a couple of quarters would send us on the mile trek to the candy store. We really weren't terrible kids, we just had a mild sugar addiction! We even all went back to the lake for a reunion when our own kids were little and it sure was fun, but not quite the same as those days of the 70's. So when my cousin Patti (she was PJ, I guess she out grew that) sent me an email asking to order cookies for Paul's birthday, I was feeling a little silly for not thinking of it myself. Shipping cookies always poses a little problem with timing because you can never really count on the post office. And they must dry thoroughly before stacking them. So between my real job which has been a lot of hours and other cookie orders, I whipped up a few dozen cookies for Paul. Now these are not works of art. These are happy birthday cookies. This is not a black tie party, but a party with many family, friends and kids coming. I told Paul to think of the cookies as a collaboration between his sister and cousin. No guesses who the brains of the operation were all along! I am happy Patti thought of it, and I will be there in spirit! Hope 50 is fabulous!


  1. Haha I'm going to this party and now I know to look out for the table with these on them! They look great! ;)

    Also I have plans to make the same chocolate pie recipe you posted from the Help this week...we'll see how it turns out? I wound up reading the Help just because your post made me wonder about the pie!

    Love your blog!

  2. HOw could 50 NOT be fabulous with all those cookies?
    I have my chocolate pie baking BTW!!!