Friday, August 19, 2011

My Empty Nest

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So the kids are gone. They are now part of much bigger things than high school. University, College, teams and jobs. How exciting. Nic left a few weeks ago and I did cry. He is so far, and so old. I mean, when did my little boy turn 21. It seems like 18 was just yesterday. But then Christina. Off on her new adventure. It was a little sad, but the mom who tears up at commercials and can sob at the airport (if I see a goodbye), well, I didn't shed a tear. She is going to have fun. College should be fun. I loved college.

So I couldn't send her without cookies. I like it when her friends remind her that her mom is a great baker! So here are the cute Millsaps M and volleyballs I sent for the team on bonding night. Here's to a great experience.

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  1. The house must seem really quite....I can't even imagine my boys leaving! Cookies are as good as ever but you'll just have to look forward to holiday season x

    Now I'm off to make pie!