Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super Hero Cookies/No Kid Hungry

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Did your kids have a warm healthy dinner last night? Yea, mine too. But sadly there are a lot of kids going hungry right here in the U.S. This past weekend I had the privilege of working at my favorite kitchen store and manning the sugar cookie decorating station. For a $5 donation, kids (or adults) could decorate 2 Marvel Comic Super Hero Cookies. It was a great event, albeit a little messy! But having done many sugar cookie classes in my home, I know you will only have to chase those wayward sprinkles on the floor for a year or so! And thankfully, royal icing washes out pretty well.

All the proceeds go to No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength. This website is full of information on how you can help, and for the foodies out there, there are many, many ways. Please take a look and pledge your support. You can participate in area events, host a bake sale (up my alley!) and simply make a donation. There are also products for sale at said kitchen store that send a portion of the sale to No Kid Hungry. So there are many ways to help.

So on to the cookies. My favorite kitchen store sells the cutters, they include Hulk, Spider Man, Iron Man and Captain America. I baked plenty of all, but I was thinking Spidey was still the fan favorite. Wrong! Captain America flew out of the cookie bin for decorating, and perhaps that is because there is a new movie and "stuff" to promote it. The boys also really like my Hulk cookies with the tinted dough. I used a little green and black in the dough and made decorating him much easier! But regardless, we had plenty of cookies and lets just say an abundance of icing! Kids like to decorate their own cookies. One little girl just loved layering all those colors and the sprinkles and wow, those little cookies were 2" high. Her dad calmly suggested that she would be more comfortable eating the cookies in the store than in his car! One little boy took half an hour to decorate one cookie, and did an amazing job. His Grandpa was astounded and didn't know that this little boy had such patience and artistic eye. I was impressed. And of course lots of little ones showed up in their t-shirts and masks of their favorite super heroes. It was a fun day. When all was said and done, I decorated a few myself. Yes, Ironman is missing. I dropped him, so he did not make it to the photo shoot. Oh well. What are you waiting for? Get in there and bake, AND make a difference!


  1. It is great that you are doing that, I absolutely LOVE the Hulk cookie!

  2. I son would love the Captain America cookies. He has been a fan long before the movie.