Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lily Inspired Cookies for the Grands

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Grandparents.  It is amazing that so many of my friends are there.  I am just hoping to see the day I get both of mine out of college and off the payroll...(love you guys!)  So when I saw a FB post about yet another couple from high school becoming Grands, I decided I needed to send a little Sweetie Petitti to Iowa.  Since the 30th class reunion is yet again scheduled on my birthday, which I happen to share with my daughter, I am thinking it is unlikely I will see my buddies.  My baby always comes first.  She has college friends coming to celebrate, and I am thinking parental guidance is in order!

So I did a quickie plate of pink and orange.  Her name is Olivia, but I saw them refer to her as Liv, which I adore.  The humidity has hit hard in the South, so mailing cookies is a little perilous, but the Grandma/Mom (my mom and MIL) cookies had to go too.  Those I will post in a few days, and they look very similar!  Love pink and orange!  Congrats to Mary Beth and Mike, you are certain to be fantastic grandparents.  Sorry I won't see you in July!

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