Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tiki Man Cookies!

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Before I start in about the Tiki Man, I have to let you know I have been featured on Pocket Change in their Best of the Web features.  Pretty cool.  Check it out along with some other nifty bloggers!  

I have always wanted a tropical party.  Burning torches, leis, candles floating in the pool. maybe a grass skirt, cocktails out of a coconut...sounds kind of tacky and fun!  I guess that has to do with my complete infatuation with Gilligan's Island.  I loved that show and have seen every episode numerous times.  I even own a couple autographed copies of the Gilligan's Island Cookbook.  And I was a Mary Ann, in case there was any doubt.  Well, while running around the other day I found a ton of party stuff all around that tropical theme, and I bought these paper tiki heads.  I suppose that's what you might call them.  I knew I was going to make them into cookies.

I had to do a little cookie cutting to make the right shape, but since I was only planning on making 3, it was no big deal to do some of it by hand.  So after I baked them, I put them in the freezer and decided after the nephew's graduations in Iowa, I would tackle the Tikis.

Then I ran into a friend who was throwing a tropical themed bridal shower and would I make her cookies?  Yep, happy to, I have the centerpiece of the platter all figured out!  I think they turned out kind of cute.  My mouth is all wrong, but it was fun decorating the little guys with all the leftover icing from the platter which will appear here soon.  So, what are ya waiting for?  Get in there and bake!

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  1. These are awesome!!! I am so dying for a reason to make tikis!!!