Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nothing Says Happy Graduation Like A Shotgun!

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There's the shotgun, more about these below!

Here are the first of the graduation cookies.  These below, are for my nephews in Iowa, and I wanted to post them so they could see how great they look on a platter, since they will be carefully wrapped when they get there!  I am missing their parties this weekend for a wedding, but I know it will be a great celebration!  So Congrats to Frank and Tom!

Heading to Des Moines in the fall.

Another Hawkeye in the family.

Next up is a young girl whose favorite color is purple...but is going to Ole Miss.  And since I am not about to ice Col. Reb on a cookie, we went with the favorite color theme!  Congrats Blakely!

Ole Miss bound.

And finally, a young man graduated from my son's alma mater.  These were a little more fun because I have a lot of experience at this school.  It's all boys, and they wear a tie every day, so the tie was a natural part of the platter, as was his college choice UT.  I like to put in a ball or banner if there was something that really stood out in their high school career.  As it turns out, Chris was on the trap shooting team, so I made shotguns!  My sweet husband even offered to bring me a shotgun to sit as my model!  I think they turned out pretty good, and really added some personality to the old mortar boards!

UT Knoxville

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