Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tropical Shower...cookies

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A Tropical Shower...
 Doesn't a tropical shower sound wonderful?  I'm talking about the kind where you are in a fantastic suite looking out over ocean and mountains and the rain is coming TV, no phones, no kids.  Ok, so a girl can dream right?  

This tropical shower is a wedding shower for a friends niece.  They are honeymooning in Jamaica and they wanted tropical cookies.

Well, Tiki Man has been on my mind, and although he may be more Polynesian than Jamaican, he is front and center!  And pineapples and palms...

And flowers and fish.  A note on the flowers.  I learned this flower layering thing at Sugarbelle, she made marigolds.  I really like the layering of icing, totally a new thing for me, and although I hope no one thinks of them as marigolds, I like the dimension on the platter.

And a few disco dust hearts because I know there are young girls invited, and what teenage girl doesn't love a sparkly anything.  I mean Edward Cullen sparkles!  So sparkle I did!

Such fun colors, it was a pleasure to make these cookies.   And who doesn't love the anticipation of a wedding!?

Way more fun than Star Wars.

Just sayin'.  I was a part of the "May the 4th be with you" at work.  I made lots of Star Wars Cookies to give away, but Tiki Man was more fun!  So, what are ya waiting for?  Get in there!

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